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K-12 Educator Days: October 2-3, 2020
CEE Affiliates Days: October 1-3, 2020

The Council for Economic Education’s 59th Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference is the nation’s premier event for K-12 educators that want to integrate economics and personal finance into their classrooms. In addition to K-12 teachers, attendees include CEE’s affiliate network, economic educators, Federal Reserve System partners, educational researchers, and more.

The conference features a diverse selection of professional development workshops on economic and financial literacy geared for elementary, middle and high school levels. Topics include pedagogy and resources, curriculum strategy for schools/school districts, teaching strategies, assessment and research, new programs, and best practices. In addition to the workshops, outstanding speakers address current economic and financial topics to enable educators to bring these perspectives back to their classrooms. The conference also features special roundtable sessions led by master teachers to discuss shared issues and successes, and informal opportunities for networking.