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K-12 Educator Days: October 2-3, 2020
CEE Affiliates Days: October 1-3, 2020

The Council for Economic Education’s (CEE's) Financial Literacy & Economic Education Conference is the nation’s premier event for K-12 educators that want to integrate economics and personal finance into their classrooms.

In addition to K-12 teachers, attendees include CEE’s affiliate network, economic educators, Federal Reserve System partners, educational researchers, and more.

All RFP submissions are due by February 14, 2020.

Presentation Format Details

Conference Track Details

We are seeking proposals for Concurrent Sessions, and Poster Sessions on innovative pedagogy in the following tracks for elementary, middle, and high school:

Our goal is to offer a balanced selection of workshops in these tracks with presentations by K-12 teachers, CEE affiliates, and others.


Note: All communications regarding this proposal will be sent to the first speaker listed (the Chair). The Chair will be responsible for notifying all presenters regarding the status of the proposal. The number of presenters is limited to 2 if the Chair is presenting or 3 if the Chair is not a presenter.

Audiovisual Requirements

The CEE will provide an LCD digital projector, internet connection, and screen in each meeting room. All meeting rooms will have internet access. You are responsible for bringing your own laptop computer. Other audiovisual equipment (e.g. VCR, DVD, etc. can be ordered from the hotel at your expense).


Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles
Chantilly, Virginia